Burna Boy – Real Life ft Stormzy Lyrics

[LYRICS] Real Life by Burna Boy


[LYRICS] Real Life by Burna Boy
Burna Boy – Real Life ft Stormzy Lyrics


Burna Boy – Real Life ft. Stormzy Lyrics

(Intro – Diddy)

It ain’t like you hearing it and it’s like moving you
You know music is, and the music you making is life, and it’s like new life
It’s important to me to understand the state of mind and the life you live and where you’re, you know, where you’re at right now

(Verse 1 – Burna Boy)
Pull up like “Surprise, surprise it’s the President”, can’t you see that I’m in my element?
I might just decide to slide on my enemies, I go along on a glide for the hell of it
I bring a different vibe when I’m steppin’ in, If a nigga ain’t right, I’m correcting him
Everybody know for sure, I’ma take it there
So cross your T’s and dot your I’s when you’re messaging
I never subscribe to guys on the internet, living for the clout, telling lies to the press again
Better don’t take me for the fool I ain’t never been, don’t bother with lies, I’m wise when I’m checkin’ in
I’m redirecting dem back to the sender men, then you go see reality, go start arresting dem
Be like say dem no hear when I was telling dem, life real, I ain’t never like the rest of them

(Pre-Chorus – Stormzy)
Yes, we are blessed but it’s harder to see sometimes, tryna find my peace of mind, you said how could we be so blinded
You just follow your dreams and go live your life, I give you something to believe in, I’ma be the reason

(Chorus – Stormzy)
So please, please stay, say you won’t leave, real life is for living but the vibes you’ve been giving’s not true
So please stay, we’ll share the whole thing, yeah, real life is for living, use this life that you’re living, be free


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