James Brown’s Sister Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Rape And Abuse (Video)

James Brown’s Sister Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Rape And Abuse (Video)

Gracious Brown, the sister to the controversial crossdresser, James Brown has called out her boyfriend over rape and domestic abuse allegations.

During a live session on Instagram, Gracious accused her boyfriend of making moves at her friend who passed the night at their apartment.

James Brown’s sister stated that her boyfriend tried to entice her friend with money but allegedly made a move to rape her when she rejected his offers.

Gracious went on to state that when she confronted him, he denied the claims and beat her alongside her friend.

She also invited the said friend during the Instagram live session to reveal the wound on her hand reportedly from being manhandled by her boyfriend.

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In a follow up post via her Instagram story, Gracious Brown wrote:

”Because I don’t use to talk don’t think am a fool. Don’t talk don’t talk don’t talk am like this please don’t let me take you down just go and take your words back because if I start with you nobody will beg for you am not a fool am keeping silent don’t mean am a fool ooo I do mind my business on this app I have never fight with anybody I use to stay my own.”

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Watch the video below:


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