Nigerian Lady Shares Tips On How To Identify Fake Surgeons

Nigerian Lady Shares Tips On How To Identify Fake Surgeons

A Nigerian lady by the name, Mary Njoku, the wife of the ROK studios in reaction to the death of the Porthacourt big girl, Christabel that resulted from complications from a botched surgery, had given essential tips on identifying fake surgeons.

According to her, Nigeria is a “Safe Haven” for bad IJGB-( I Just Got Back) surgeons.

She wrote;

“Nigeria is a safe haven for bad IJGB cos-surgeons . Small accent and you are in business. Thanks to gullible Nigerians  who make sure they continue killing people by BLAMING THE VICTIMS.


To those very few doctors who come to save lives. Thank you.?

She also wrote;

“When supposedly great cosmetic surgeons who claim they schooled abroad and have license to practice there. Move to Nigeria and warm in Naira  charging 70% less. Buy and get one free. Ask why:

1.Are they patriotic enough and want to give back by saving lives?

2.Do they have money?

3.Or they need place where lives don’t matter.

4.Butcher people and continue practice?

5. Police day find them for abroad?

6. They aren’t good enough to practice there?

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